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she’s here

August 22, 2008
wet puppy

wet puppy

we launched our dog crusade and she is what we discovered. little. less than 6 weeks old. hazel. she’s a “lab mix” from a puppy rescue group down in stockton. if your hip to the dog lingo, this is the nice way of saying she probably has some pitbull relatives.

so we drove to the stockton area almost three days in a row looking for puppies, scowling at puppy jails in manteca, getting lost in the downtown in stockton, and humming ccr songs about lodi. we were at the end of our rope, we wanted a puppy. the competitive system that has grown up around “shelters” and “rescue” organizations seems incredible in light of our extremely good job of spaying and neutering dogs in california, but deserves an expose. but this is for another post. we found her in some lady’s garage. she was strange at first, but her new jersey roots and chain-smoking grew on us. and she knew the secrets of yogurt (also for another post). so we grabbed, and hauled her off in the volvo.

we are happy to have our cute little puppy. she’s a lot like a human baby. katie carries her in a sling and takes her to dinner with us. i wake up in the middle of the night and play with her when she wakes up and freaks out. so she’s just like a baby, or maybe we are just weird old people. whatever the case, she’s exhausting and the cutest thing ever…

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