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October 23, 2008

Things I would like to do, were I not on-call…

…go to Apple Hill for cider, apple pie, and you-pick apples.

…visit San Francisco.  Go to Japantown and take pictures in the photobooths, sit in a park and people watch with a cup of good coffee, go to a good bookstore and browse for hours, go out dancing with friends.

…go to the ocean for a day.  Find a long, long beach and walk as far as it goes.  Eat a picnic lunch and walk back.

…take the puppy and the husband up to the foothills and hike with the trees all changing colors and being crunchy to walk on.

…open one of the many bottles of good wine I own and cannot currently drink and make an awesome meal to go with it.

…go for a long bike ride or run without concern that I might miss a phone call or be too far away from my house to be able to adequately respond to a phone call.

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