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Not quite home, but happy to be back!

November 24, 2008

While we are still in San Francisco (Paul had to work today), I can’t say that I’m too sad that our vacation is over.  Argentina is a lovely place, but I think that our trip may have been a tiny bit cursed.

Let’s just get all the crazy things that happened on our honeymoon out of the way first, so we can tell you all the cool things we did.

-The first night we were there, we decided to go out, but it turned out that the club we were trying to go to had changed nights. We were walking to get another cab and were robbed at GUNPOINT by three 12 or 13 year olds. They took my camera, some money, and P’s cards (which was an issue because my cards have no money on them and are basically useless).
-The robbery led to me being slightly panicked when we were out at nighttime and so we didn’t end up going to any clubs or out dancing, which I’m actually okay with, but was a huge reason we went to Argentina in the first place!
-Unlike everything else in Argentina, cameras cost about three times as much as they cost in the states (really…no exaggeration). Buying a new one was important to us, but ate up a lot of the money we planned on using for other things, especially since we were down to my money at that point.
-We kept trying to go to things only to find out we’d gone on a not so ideal day (like the time we took a bus two hours to a town we really wanted to visit only to find out that the town is basically shut down on Tuesdays). Guidebooks should really mention that sort of thing.
-I was hit by a relatively fast moving car while standing at a corner. It wasn’t bad–they hit my arm and dinged my leg–and I walked away with bruises but not anything worse, but it was scary.
-We were in Iguazu way way longer than we needed to be and couldn’t get an earlier flight back. We tried to sneak into Brazil or Paraguay to give us something new to do, but were rejected.
-P got sick right as we were leaving. He didn’t feel good when we got on the flight from Argentina to Houston, but as soon as the plane was in the air he tried to go to the bathroom and throw up. They wouldn’t let him, so he came back to the seat and as I was trying to find him a barf bag, he threw up all over me and my stuff and his pants and everywhere! Seriously it was splattered across the window and in the seatback pockets and all over the place. And then we on the plane for 10 hours with it like that and my bag still smells a bit barfy. Fun!

There were other little things, but that about sums up the craziness that happened on our honeymoon.  Oh!  Except that it could have been worse.  A few days after we left the loft in San Telmo, the apartment next door burned to a crisp!  The girl living in it had covered the entire inside of her apartment with paper (which explains the constant taping noises we heard through the walls) for an instillation art project and she stupidly decided to use her paper covered stove.  So the people currently staying in the apartment are having to sleep on the floor of the apartment owners (which isn’t really so bad as they are great people).  But happy it didn’t happen to us!

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  1. November 25, 2008 4:47 am

    Shit…and I thought my Costa Rica trip was cursed.

    You need to write a story…or let me borrow some of this scary (Looking back funny) material

    I sure am glad you are alive

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