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November 26, 2008

Apparently our heater is temperamental. It worked for a short time yesterday, but I’ve been playing with it all morning and despite the pilot light flickering away, I can’t get the thing to turn on.

Just kidding! While I was arguing with the locksmith who came to free me from our house, the thing turned on. Only now I’m hiding in the house because I’m refusing to pay the scary locksmith who wanted me to pay him $110 to cut the lock off our gate after he was 2 hours late.

That is another story–we’ve been hopping on our own fence to get into our house because we can’t find the key to the padlock we put on our gate while we were on vacation. Also, that means our cars are trapped inside the yard which means we need to figure this out before we can leave for thanksgiving tonight. But after much arguing with the scary locksmith man and his evil phone counterpart, I determined that they don’t need $110 that I don’t have.

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