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A girl can dream…

January 7, 2009

Despite having no disposable income, there are a few places we are planning on visiting this year (taking advantage of my new-found freedom from being on-call).

1.  LA.  Paul has friends there.  I have a friend in Santa Barbara.  We are planning a long weekend sometime this spring.  Despite having lived in California my entire life, I’ve never been to LA, so it should be interesting.  I hesitate to say fun, because I have a natural dislike of LA, being from the North and all.

And yet I’m excited to go.  And I’m pretty sure we’ll make fun.

2.  Tucson.  This is a for sure.  We’re going next month for Paul’s birthday and to see his family, since we didn’t see them around the holidays.  Since we spent the entire last trip doing wedding stuff, it should be fun to be there in a more relaxed setting.

And now we go into fantasy mode….

I’d love to go back to the east coast someday soon.  I’ve been to New York once, and that’s the extent of it.  Since Paul has obviously spent more time there, I think it’s only fair that he show me around.  Maybe we wouldn’t go to New York, but to somewhere east of say…Colorado.


subway, circa 2005

Actually Colorado is another place on my list.  A whole southwest  road trip ending up in Colorado to visit my great-grandma would be wonderful.  Someone mentioned Animal Dreams to me today and I was reminded that the last time I was in the southwest was about…15 years ago.  And my parents were reading Animal Dreams as we drove around the country described in the book (which is one of my favorites now).

I’d also really love to do a short trip up to Portland in an effort to convince Paul that we could temporarily live there if it became necessary for education purposes.  He’s afraid of the rain.

My third super fantasy involves a Europe trip to visit the crazy Scots we met while in Argentina, Sweden because it’s Sweden, and France-Italy-Spain for the food.

Maybe that won’t all fit in 2009.  But 2009/2010? And a loan from a fairy godmother?

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  1. January 7, 2009 8:14 am

    Hooray for Southern California! I can give you some recommendations for LA. It is a nice place to spend a day. It is a nice place to leave after a day.

  2. January 8, 2009 1:47 am

    The way you describe LA is very much like the way I describe it…being from NorCal and all.

    I have to go there a few weeks a year for work and I never get over how surreal it feels. It feels like a movie set to me. NorCal is far more natural, even all the trees in SoCal are pruned. Seriously, look when you go.

    They can’t leave anything natural!

    NorCal > SoCal!

  3. Tom Reed permalink
    January 12, 2009 9:05 am

    L.A. is a fine place to visit. My sister lived in Venice Beach where Abbott-Kinney (a street) is loaded with very cool, alternative, art, clothes and furniture stores…you’d love it. My brother lived in Redondo Beach which is very clean, sterile and boring–but right on the ocean.

    If you want funky/alternative LA, other than Venice, the Silverlake and Los Feliz areas (south Hollywood) are cool (have breakfast at Fred 62 in Los Feliz) but can seem a little “I’m-more-alternative-than-thou”.

    Go up to the Griffith Park observatory and go on a hike. Other than that, It’s a paved over nightmare with crazy traffic.

    Last thought: I can’t direct you to anything specific as far as restaurants or night life go, but I know couple of quintessential LA stops are the bars at the Chateau Marmot, and The Standard Hotel (rooftop).

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