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Rainy Day

January 22, 2009

The rain is back and I’ve spent all day lazing around the house, cutting up sweaters, and reading.  It’s a good thing that I have swimming tonight or I’d feel a bit gross.

Last night I made stuffed acorn squash.  I’ve had the squash for a week now, and couldn’t find a recipe for a filling that sounded good (or that I had all the ingredients for on hand).  So last night I just made one up.  It turned out okay.  Not my favorite thing I’ve ever cooked, but it was healthy and filling, so good enough.  Most of the problem was that the filling could have used more vegetables and less grains, but I was trying to use only what we had on hand, and that included mushrooms and apples.  And that’s really about it.

I sauteed them in curry, ginger, and garlic and threw in a few walnuts and slices of dried apricots.  The squash was baked with a bit of olive oil and honey smeared on the inside.  The best thing about all of it was that I realized I could cook lentils and brown rice together in my rice cooker.  Oh, and I made curry-masala yogurt for the top, which is always yummy.

Actually, the leftover filling was better today, thrown over lettuce with some olive oil dressing on top.  So maybe it just needed to sit overnight?

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