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Violets, knitting, and deer

January 27, 2009

While it’s currently a chilly 30-something degrees at our house, the sun has been so bright the last few days that the violets in our yard have started to bloom.

My picture taking ability was hindered by Hazel pouncing on me every time I tried to set up the picture, but they are pretty and I’ve been waiting for months for them to bloom so I’m thrilled. I love violets. They smell good, they’re cute, they are a sign that spring is coming (even if it shouldn’t be quite yet).

Over the weekend we went up to Redding. Part of the reason for the trip was to deliver my mom’s birthday hat, which she’d requested after seeing it on SouleMama. Fellow knitters will notice that I am terrible at slipping stitches consistently, and tend to twist things all crazy-like.


Odessa by Grumperina

The other reason we went up there was to eat deer. Our wedding happened to be on opening day of deer hunting season. Some of my parent’s friends hunt and didn’t want to miss either event, so they went hunting before our wedding and got a deer. Part of the deal of them getting out our wedding late was that they had to cook up some of that deer for us, which finally happened this week.

Deer is very lean and the fat on it, unlike beef, is inedible. So that, coupled with the hormone-free nature of it makes it a better for you meat than beef. It’s also much more sustainable to hunt deer than it is to raise cows (generally speaking), so if you can make friends with hunters, deer meat is a good way to go in terms of meat eating. It was really yummy bbq’d too. I found the flavor to be similar to grassfed beef.

And as a special gift, the hunter friend gave us the antlers, which is a big deal for hunters. They don’t like to give away their antlers, as I found out when I went on a quest for some a few years ago.

Today I’m making a list of seeds to buy so we can get those started soon (maybe this weekend)! I’m thinking of trying to grow artichokes this year. Mmmm…

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