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February 1, 2009
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Thanks to gift cards (we registered for seeds, yes we did), today we purchased several starter trays and soil and a whole bunch of seeds.

Melissa tipped me off to 25cent seeds at TomatoBob. The website isn’t fancy but hopefully their seeds will be fine (and if not, they were cheap). We ordered:

Golden Wax Beans
Detroit Dark Red Beets
Danvers Half Long Carrots
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Hollow Crown Parsnips
Thomas Laxton Green Peas
French Breakfast Radishes
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Purple Top White Globe Turnips

And that was just from TomatoBob. From Victory Seeds we ordered:
Artichoke, Green Globe
Pole Bean, Kentucky Wonder
Beet, Chiogga
Beet, Burpee’s Golden
Brussels Sprouts, Catskill
Broccoli, De Cicco
Cauliflower, Self Blanching
Kale, Dwarf Siberian Improved
Carrot, Atomic Red
Carrot, Cosmic Purple
Spinach, New Zealand
Corn, Sunshine
Cucumber, Lemon Apple
Eggplant, Long Purple
Leek, Carantan
Pepper, Golden California Wonder Bell
Pepper, Anaheim Hot
Squash, Round Zucchini
Squash, Early Prolific
Sunflower, Giant Greystripe
Swiss Chard, Rainbow
Pepper, Hungarian Sweet

Tomatoes are going to be purchased as plants because I can never get them to grow from seed. But hopefully the rest will work out (even the crazy stuff like brussels sprouts and artichokes that I’ve never grown before).

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  1. Cate permalink
    February 23, 2009 7:46 pm

    I just started tomato seeeds this weekend. If I have luck I’ll let you know and you can have some seedlings. I’m starting a massive amount in hopes to at least get 5 of each type. They aren’t completely organic, but mostly 😉

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