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The long drive to Tucson

February 18, 2009

We had a long long weekend.  I’m just barely recovered enough to be able to write a coherent post about it.

Early Thursday morning we loaded up and drove to San Francisco.  Hazel and I went on many walks and dog park excursions and hung out with Christy & Susan while Paul worked.  Hazel was very naughty and peed on the driver’s seat of the car during the very short period of time she was left in there during the day.  I didn’t notice this until I sat in it.  Urgh.

Then we drove to San Diego, which was actually not that bad of a drive.  Driving at night is a good thing when it comes to avoiding LA traffic.  Friday morning we went for a walk in Rose Canyon, near P’s mom & stepdad’s house, and had a wonderful breakfast made by Phil (stepdad).  We were on the road to Tucson by eleven or so, and made a few stops on the way.

Stop number one was El Centro, CA.  We made a quick stop inside their Salvation Army (you never know what you’ll find in small town thrift stores), but aside from our delight that they have a church!  and food!  inside the thrift store, there wasn’t much else of interest.

Stop number two was Dateland, AZ, home of the date shake.  I’d never indulged in a date shake before, so this was kind of exciting for P.  And they had a whole selection of date varieties to try–most I’d never seen before.

Saturday morning, fter a run in one of the many washes in Tucson with Hazel, P, his dad, and I explored downtown Tucson a bit.  We got coffee, went to a wonderful gallery, explored the love exhibit at photography museum on campus, and had lunch.  Saturday evening a group of people came over for a big bbq dinner.  It was a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day.  P’s dad sent everyone flowers, which was sweet, but aside from that it lacked the traditional stuff.  Oh, except that’s not entirely true.  I did get P truffles while in San Francisco and I made pretzels in heart shapes, but that’s another post entirely.

Sunday we avoided church and took Hazel for a long walk around Tucson.

I love old adobe houses.  They don’t look right where we live, but they are by far my favorite type of building.  And the colors!

And then we ate hot dogs, which were as good as Sunset magazine promised.  They were wrapped in bacon, covered in toppings, and then they had a whole condiment bar with things like grilled chilies, grilled onions, cheese, cucumbers, and on and on to load on top.  Yum.

Sunday night Hazel refused to go to sleep so we ended up just getting up and leaving Tucson around 3am California time (4am there, because they don’t do daylight savings).  Since Monday was P’s birthday I let him sleep and did most of the driving in the early part of the day.  Fine with me.  P freaks out when I take pictures while driving, but I couldn’t help but want to capture the sunrise…

Of course the drive was made slightly longer by the snow that covered southern California.

We kept getting detoured around it, and ending up having to go further and further in the wrong direction.  But, we were hope by nine and I made Paul a birthday dinner and the blood orange tart from Smitten Kitchen (which I neglected to take a picture of because I was so freaking tired).

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  1. barefootrooster permalink
    February 19, 2009 4:49 am

    yay for adobe houses and blood oranges. looks like a great trip. and happy birthday to p!

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