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Time to play catch-up

February 24, 2009

I go through phases with Valentine’s day.  As a kid I loved it.  My parent’s always bought or made us pretty cards, we decorated the house with homemade hearts and baked cookies or other heart-shaped treats.  It was generally simple, but sweet and fun.

As an adult I sort of dread the expectations of gift-buying and expensive meals associated with it.  On the other hand, I kind of miss doing something.  P and I should really figure out some sort of non-consumerist way of celebrating, but it hasn’t happened thus far.

Anyway.  In a moment of getting caught up in wanting to do something, I made pretzel hearts.  I bought the stuff to make pretzels weeks before, but hadn’t had the chance to actually do it.  Since we were going to be on the road I figured they’d be a good snack for the car.

I used the pretzel bread recipe from Two Bites in Suburbia.

I made a few small loaves, plus the pretzel hearts.  I intended to share one of the loaves with a friend, but Hazel ended up eating it instead (oops!).

I’d made pretzels as a kid, but I must have blocked out the part where we boiled them.  It felt very weird to drop bread dough in water.

My pretzel bread didn’t quite poof and brown the way the pictures from the recipe showed, but they were very yummy.  I think maybe my heart shaped cut in the top wasn’t enough room for them to expand.

The heart shaped ones turned out pretty cute though (and delicious!)  I do love me some pretzels!

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