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Things I Enjoy

February 25, 2009

There are a few things that I’m currently really into that are either new to me, or things I’ve not thought about or enjoyed for awhile (until recently).

The first is hot (bikram) yoga. I started going to a local studio called Yoga Loka with Claudia last week and I’m addicted. It’s not cheap, so I’m going to have to control myself, but it’s an insanely satisfying form of exercise. Doing yoga for an hour and a half in a 105 degree room doesn’t necessarily sound fun, but if you like punishing exercise this is it.

The second is swimming. After protesting and not getting in a pool for about eight years, I’m swimming twice a week. It’s been kind of wonderful. It forces me to space out for an hour, unlike running, which I usually fill with iPod.

The third is the people in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood, oh in my neighborhood…I went to our local Crop Swap meeting yesterday and am excited to share food with people this summer, improve on my canning abilities (and have a group of people to can with), learn to make booze from fruit, and go foraging for food around Sacramento with people who know what they are doing. An older couple who lives very close to us, gave me a jar of elderberry jam they made. Delicious!

And finally, I love the giant worms in my backyard. I’ve been digging up our yard to rid it of weeds and even it out and we have the HUGEST worms I’ve ever seen. Some of them are at least six inches long. And really big around. I thought the first one I saw was a snake. Seriously, they’re huge. They are mutant giant worms.

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  1. Heather permalink
    February 27, 2009 9:43 pm

    Hi! I stumbled onto your blog thru your backyard wedding blog. (I got married 3 months ago and never looked at a single planning blog/book during our engagement–I’m making up for it now!) I noticed that you had listed that you were growing some herbs–I just started a little indoor herb garden and started out with seeds in peat pots. I have a BLACK thumb but really want my herbs to grow and every herb-growing webpage says something different. Any tips? Thanks!

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