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When I can’t talk, I blog

June 1, 2009

I’ve been driving Paul kind of crazy the last few days.  When I’m thinking about too many things at once it’s like my brain short-circuits my mouth and I can be basically dead silent for days.  That’s me right now.  

Some of the things on my mind are silly, no big deal stuff like my frustration with the rate at which my garden is growing (not fast enough) and my desire to eat less sugar (but not having the will-power to make that happen quite yet).  


my sparkler birthday cake

my sparkler birthday cake...reason number #121 why I can't stop eating sugar.

But some of them really are things I should think about, or can’t help taking up some part of my consciousness.  Stuff like my great-grandma dying on Saturday, my love for my current job doing breastfeeding support and being off call, but my daily sadness about missing midwifery (and not wanting to be in school for six years before I can do it again), Paul’s crazy job, and when we should have kids.  It’s a lot to think about, and while I could probably write about it all day, talking about it is a different story.

Serious stuff aside for a moment, the bbq this weekend was tons of fun, despite finding out about my grandma in the middle of it.  The bbq my parents bought for my birthday is awesome and I suspect we will do an obscene amount of cooking on it in years to come.  It’s even got one of those fancy side burners and a bottle opener attached.  I love it!  


the scene

the scene

When I counted sometime during dinner there were 25 people there.  Way more than I thought would be coming and could comfortably fit in our yard.  But it worked out really well–there was a ton of amazing food, people played bocce in our driveway patch of lawn and croquet in our dirt.  Our group of friends is pretty random and diverse in terms of their social groups so it was interesting to see how people meshed.  My friend’s kids loved on the chickens and fed them tons of weeds from my garden.  I’ve determined that we must have many many more bbqs this summer.

lawn games can be played on dirt as well

lawn games can be played on dirt as well

 Yesterday was spent cleaning up the yard, doing a tiny bit of thrifting, and walking over to our local theater to see a movie about librarians.  

Today is bench Monday, so I’ve got that going on for you…


take one

take one


and me on my makeshift bench

and me on my makeshift bench

My mom asked me over the weekend about bench Monday and why people are doing it (besides that the internet breeds sheep).  I’ve started do it for a few reasons.  I like having structure to my days, which are often fairly unstructured, and it gives me a specific thing to do on Mondays.  It’s also a creative outlet that encourages me to take a photo that’s more than just a snapshot–forcing me to think about what I want to say about that week in one picture.  

And I’ll be back in just a moment with grandma pictures (but thought those needed their own post).

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  1. barefootrooster permalink
    June 1, 2009 7:07 pm

    i am in full agreement with blogging/photo-taking as useful parts of structuring the day/week. it helps me to remember to take time for myself, to play in the kitchen, to knit or spin, to go for a walk somewhere new. looking forward to seeing more photos of the garden.

    also, i am so sorry about your great-grandma. you’ve chosen some lovely, truly vibrant pictures to share here. thank you.

  2. June 10, 2009 6:38 am

    looks like a lovely bbq. (we were playing crouquet in the dirt this weekend too.)

    so sorry to hear tho of your great-grandma. she sounds like an amazing woman.

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