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Work-trade Wednesday

June 17, 2009

I have to say…farming is a lot more fun when you are in the harvesting/planting season than in the heavy weeding/getting beds ready season.  

Today at my work-trade on the farm we: harvested beans, squash, and cucumbers and then raked a bed and planted cucumbers in it.  There were five of us there today so everything went fast, there was a lot to talk about, and we got a ton done.  Very satisfying.  

In the box:
-cucumber (slicing and lemon)
-toscano kale
-chioggia beets
-green beans
-summer savory

I actually had two boxes last week because one of my friends was out of town and had me pick up her csa box too.  We managed to use up most of the greens (the shock!) from two csa boxes by making a big lasagna and cramming massive amounts of chard and beet greens into it.  I used the lasagna recipe from Family Meals, substituting the middle noodle layers for greens.  

Since we have so much produce I’ve been making an effort to cook a lot more.  We’ve pretty much limited our eating out to our Thursday night dates.  It’s not that we were eating out SO much before, but even twice a week seems like a lot when we have a fridge basically overflowing with food.  Although, me cooking sometimes means this: I melt cheese on chips and throw some squash and onions on there to make it look fancier than it is.

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