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Monterey weekend

July 7, 2009

Paul and I went down to the Monterey area over the weekend for another summer wedding.  I am coming to recognize about myself that traveling is sometime hard for me because often I can’t be the person in control.  Despite a few speed bumps in my mood due to this, I think the weekend was a good time.  

On Thursday we met my parents in Moss Landing for an excellent dinner at Phil’s.  When I was a kid, Phil’s was a creepy fish market that happened to also serve amazing seafood.  Now it’s more like a seafood restaurant that also sells fish.  But the food is still really good.  

That night we walked around Monterey and ended up at the Bulldog (or something like that) where we drank beer and played dice until much too late.   My sister, who does not drink beer, recently told her food science advisor that she wants to focus on brewery science because she will have to take fewer classes than the other concentrations.  She will never live this down and we spent a lot of the weekend trying to get her to try different beers.

Asilomar, where the wedding was held, was beautiful.  The beach there is wonderful with lots of tide pools and while there were other people around, not too many considering the nice weather and the holiday weekend.  

The wedding was fun and much more traditional (and fancy) than other weddings I’ve been to.  Really beautiful with all the details taken care off–excellent food (full sushi bar appetizers, plus fantastic dinner buffet, plus about 10 different dessert options), pretty decor, live music, the works.  Even the food at their next-day brunch was amazing.  Please tell me I’m not the only person who can’t help but start a running tally of how much some of these things must have cost, having recently planned my own wedding.  I can’t help it.  

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