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Fall Farm Weekend

November 9, 2009

Yesterday, Pul and I spent the day at our friend’s family farm in Ione, California.  Their farm produces grassfed beef and has an annual pumpkin patch (among other things).  It’s been in their family over one-hundred years, and it’s pretty rad.  Twice a year they host a group of our friends for a farm weekend (spring & fall).  I posted a few pictures from our spring stay here and here.  If you live in Sacramento and are interested in grassfed beef I can give you their information.  They are going to have a bunch to sell in Sacramento on Wednesday of this week, if you let me know before then.

While we didn’t spend the night this weekend (Paul had to work today), we went up in time for a big farm breakfast yesterday morning (biscuits, eggs, muffins).  Then we did the traditional farm tour, which involves lots of climbing in hay and frolicking in fields.

After the farm tour we ate up the big pot of chili we’d made in the morning.  This was consumed alongside copious amounts of homemade cornbread with butter and farm raised honey.

All filled up from lunch we went and fed the cows.  The cows are always free to munch on the grassy fields they live in, but Farmer Dan also grows some hay on the farm to supplement their feed during the winter.

With the chores done, a few of us went on a hike around their upper ranch.

It’s places like this that make it hard to imagine living anywhere besides California.  I love rolling golden hills so dang much.  Do other places have that?

After a close encounter with a possessed pony (it had red eyes and breathed fire…or so the story goes), we were rescued by the rest of the group who met us in the big truck to hang out on a hill to watch the sunset.

After the sunset we made our way back to the farmhouse for more eating.  Yes, most of farm weekends involve food.  We made taco salads with farm veggies and farm beef and some additional supplies brought in by all the visitors.  Although I’m on call and can’t drink, there was much wine and beer consumed by the rest of the group and I’ll admit I tried a tiny sip of bacon infused burbon another friend made.  Before we left for home, we indulged in slices of the lemon meringue and chocolate pies one of my very talented friends baked up.

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  1. Kelly permalink
    November 9, 2009 7:09 pm

    I’d love to know where they are going to be selling their beef on wednesday! Thanks to Veterans Day, I’ve got the day off from school, so should have some time available in the afternoon. Thanks!


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