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Revising my ABC’s

January 2, 2010

Last year, instead of resolutions, I came up with a list of ideas that I’d like to try.  One for every letter of the alphabet.  They weren’t necessarily to be finished within the year, but now seems like an appropriate time to revisit them and evaluate which can be taken off the list, which are no longer priorities, and what needs to be added.

Here’s the list in it’s current state with my notes:

Attempt to run a half-marathon  (This is a worthy goal, but may be unrealistic this coming year)
Bake bread instead of buying it.  (We have done this several times, although we are still buying bread more than baking it).
Create a Compost bin (Done!  We’re even getting lots of compost from it).
Dance more  (We did go out dancing recently, but I wouldn’t say we danced more this year).
Eat only local foods for a month (or more).  (Became almost impossible due to me leaving for Texas for the harvest months.  Maybe this year.)
Fruit trees in the yard (plant more)   (This has been an ongoing debate.  Fruit trees are expensive and take a long time to start producing…We may not stay in our house long enough to make that worth while.  Should we plant them just to be good citizens?).
Gocco on fabric  (Didn’t happen, and with Gocco totally dropping the ball on making new supplies, who knows).
Host a backyard bbq (We did have a few, but should have more in the coming year).
Invest in more art (Didn’t really happen, but may not be a financial priority).
Join in neighborhood groups & events (It’s currently 11am on a Saturday and Paul is at the neighborhood association board retreat.  Paul is like Mr. Oak Park. )
Knit socks.  (They’ve been cast on and then abandoned in the need to finish holiday gifts)
Learn to follow a budget  (Ergh….)
Make cheese.  (Not yet!)
No more bp meds (Pretty much stopped taking them right after they said I needed them.  Don’t actually have BP problems now that I’ve stopped drinking caffeine)
Offer to help and mean it  (I don’t think I succeeded here.  I could be more helpful).
Preserve foods.  (Paul learned to can, I made tons of apple preserves, have a freezer full of turkey broth, etc).
Quilt with wedding fabric (Nope.)
Read a book a month (Sadly, no).
Sew something to wear. (I did sew several things to wear, and generally sewed a lot more this year).
Train Hazel to not bark at the neighbors. (She doesn’t bark at our actual neighbors, but if they have anyone over…)
Use a car less (Not really happening)
Vacation close to home. (Didn’t really happen this year either, but P. and I got each other this for Christmas gifts this year).
Walk Hazel almost every day.  (Not happening currently.  But this is an important one).
taX’s 🙂 (Done!)
Yoga in the mornings.  (Not so much)
Zoo & Fairytale Town (find kids to take).  (Nope).

And the new list:

Accept my limits.
Be brave.
Create something new.
Dentist. GO.
Eat less sugar.
Follow a budget.
GRE.  Take it.
Have people over frequently.
IBCLC (officially start this process).
Jog at least twice a week.
Knit socks.
Library books.  Read them.
Make a new recipe each week.
No computers during dinner.
Organize my house.
Practice photography and print the results. (Don’t just keep things digital)
Read a book a month.
Sleep outside more.
Take a class together.
Use our bikes more.
Visit the north eastern part of the state.
Walk Hazel almost every day.
Xochimilco (eat here, finish eating the alphabet).
Yard work.  Make the yard more livable.
Zen.  Occasionally be this.

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  1. hatepluslove permalink
    January 3, 2010 1:18 am

    If you need a dentist to go to in Sacramento, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Woo’s office. I see Dr. Balcom (sp?) who is awesome. I have a slight (okay major) dentist phobia. They’ve totally made going to the dentist 100x easier.

    Their office is swanky and spa-like, it’s more than the average dentist, but I think you get what you pay for.

    &if you ever need help organizing, I used to be an organizer for friends/family. Let me know!

  2. Allison permalink
    January 3, 2010 1:19 am

    oops – That was me above by the way.


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