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Paul is out of town

April 9, 2010

Paul is at a meeting/conference in Cleveland this week.  According to some crazy who writes a newsletter on the internet he’s an ecoterrorist (that actually happened), so I assume he’s doing something top secret and evil there.

I’m living it up here in Sacramento (actually, missing him a lot).  Paul hates fish, so I’m eating lots of fish products while the man is out of town and doesn’t have to deal with their stench.

My mom bought me these nicely packaged sardines as part of my Easter treats.  Tonight I’m eating them on top of a spinach pizza.  I even opened up a beer to drink with it, although I usually get about two sips into a beer before I’m done with it.  It’s actually pretty dang good.  Also, I should mention that my mom is awesome and also made us homemade carrot cake cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting.

Last night, instead of studying like I should have, I watched The September Issue.  It was fabulous and really funny, despite that I kind of think that Anna Wintour is not a very nice person.  The other person featured in the film, stylist Grace Coddington, is just so charming it makes the whole thing work.  I might even watch it again, I liked it so much.

I’m actually going to go study some now.  And I should probably shower.  I went to some crazy fusion-pilates class where they played very loud house music tonight, and I realized when I got there that I was stinky and hadn’t shaved my legs in a week or so.

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  1. April 9, 2010 10:11 pm

    Ooh, I hate the 10-minutes-too-late realization that you maybe should have at least washed your feet before yoga/pilates/whatevs.

    And your mom is awesome. I’m so jealous you still get Easter treats.

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