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May 6, 2010

Most of the time Paul doesn’t get home from work before 7 or so.  Since we share a car that means that sometimes, if we are out of groceries, I don’t get to the store until seven or eight, and then we eat dinner late.  Last night I had my heart set on making leek bread pudding.  It’s a Thomas Keller recipe, tweaked by Smitten Kitchen (I haven’t found something by either of them that I dislike).  Since we have half a garden box of giant, overgrown leeks it seemed perfect.  But I needed to get to the store first since we were missing key ingredients (like bread).  By the time it finished at 9:30 pm, we were starving so we ate it right out of the oven.  I don’t recommend this.  The flavors were perfect, but the texture was funky because it hadn’t set yet.  I didn’t take a picture because it looked like soggy bread.

I pulled the leftovers out of the fridge this morning to take some for lunch and it had set up beautifully.  I’m sure if it hadn’t been way past dinner time and we would have waited a bit last night the same thing would have happened.  I don’t normally like cold eggy dishes, in part due to the texture (but also because it’s gross to eat eggs cold), but the next day texture on this bread pudding was far from the soggy bread we ate last night.

I may have burnt the top a little trying to get it to cook faster. And no I didn't really eat the strawberries (I'm allergic). Our neighbor gave them to Paul.

This may now be my go-to brunch recipe.

I should mention that I used double the leeks the recipe called for, pugliese bread, and 2% milk instead of whole.  We didn’t have straight nutmeg so I used a dash of pumpkin pie spice and a dash of ground chili (because we basically don’t cook anything with a dash of ground chili in it).

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  1. Tom R.tim permalink
    May 10, 2010 4:59 am

    Hey Katie,

    I’ve made this bread pudding many times with great success straight out of TK’s Ad Hoc cookbook. It has been delicious, bomb-proof, and well “set” every time. My experience seems to be the opposite of yours; I’ve found it is sublime right out of the oven and not so great the next day. I encourage you to try the unabridged version and compare it to Smitten’s recipe–I’ve brought it to both brunch and dinner parties where it was THE scene-stealer at both. Let me know if you want TK’s recipe…I’ll email it to you if you don’t have it.


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