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San Diego Part 1

May 26, 2010

We were in San Diego over the weekend.  Partially to celebrate and mostly to avoid my birthday.  I am generally in a horrible funk on the day of my birth that involves not wanting to remove myself from bed, lots of self loathing, and calling my mom crying.  Some of our neighbors/Paul’s friends also pointed out to me as I was grabbing a coffee to leave town, that they thought I was significantly older than Paul (who is older), which furthered my feeling that I am getting frumpy (and perhaps need to wear more sunblock).

Paul did temporarily coax me out of bed on Friday to grab a beer at Stone Brewing Company, which has beautiful gardens, great beer, and good food (although not as good as I would have liked for the price).  We had dinner with P’s mom and stepdad Friday night at Alchemy in South Park.  It was very noisy, but the food was good (I shared a beet salad, squash blossoms, and ceviche with P’s mom).  Our favorite part was the cranberry bread pudding with buttermilk ice cream we had for dessert.

Saturday we hiked around Torrey Pines with Paul’s mom which resulted in some intense conversations (not bad, just intense).

After the hike, P’s parents went to dinner with friends and Paul and I headed back to South/North Park to check out the neighborhoods.  We ended up at Toronado, the doppelganger of one of my favorite San Francisco beer bars.  They had Pliney on tap (my current favorite, and difficult to find, beer), and by the time I was done with my pint I was drunk(ish).  We had dinner at The Linkery, which I’d been wanting to try for some time.  I absolutely loved it.  The staff are all cute hipster types (but the friendly, not so edgy kind) and they wear vintage aprons.  Plus, they served me homemade pickled things and and an ice cream sandwich with bacon caramel and caramelized bacon, so I kind of want to move in there and just eat all day long.

Pickled beets & house cured meat

After dinner (and a few more beers) we were not ready to go back to the house so we headed over to a bar we’d passed as we were walking around.  A bit after we got there a dance night started up, playing a random assortment of exactly the sort of bad hip hop Paul and I don’t generally admit to liking (top 40 mixed with old school funk/hip hop/soul).  I don’t know if it’s a regular thing, but for the first hour or so there was a guy playing djembe along with the music.  Dancing to hip hop laced with African drumming may beat out the bacon ice cream craziness that that happened earlier in the night as the best part of the day.  After an impromptu dance-off (with a couple I’m not sure knew they were dancing off with us), we decided we were victorious and headed to bed.

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