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Memorial Day Weekend (several days late)

June 3, 2010

Paul and I had a packed Memorial Day weekend.  We’d been invited to our friend‘s farm for their biannual Farm Weekend, but decided we needed to spend all day Saturday doing things around the house & neighborhood.

Oak Park now has a decent farmers market on Saturday mornings.  There could be more (any) organic produce, but the farmers are nice and it’s been a great community gathering place.

The market takes up half the morning because P knows and talks to everyone we see, plus we get coffee across the street at Old Soul, and the next thing you know it’s 11 and I’ve got a sunburn.  Afterward I made a quiche-frittata thing with eggs from our hens and veggies from the market.  Lately I’ve been liking to do one-dish egg dishes where I mix up a very simple crust into the bottom of a baking dish and then throw the eggs, milk, veggies, and (sometimes) cheese on top of it.

We spent the afternoon doing yard work, including staking our tomatoes.  Have I mentioned that our vegetable garden is in the front yard this year?  The front yard previously had a giant (dying) tree and crap soil, but with a lot of mulching and tree-be-gone, it’s now got sun.  Who knew that vegetables actually did better with sun?  Last year we didn’t have ripe tomatoes until about August.  This year, even with the ridiculous amounts of rain we’ve been having, I ate my first ripe cherry tomato on Saturday.

Saturday night we went to a BBQ at a neighbor’s house.  After food, he showed Ren & Stimpy cartoons and Help! on the side of his shed.

Sunday we made our way to the farm after heading to the big farmer’s market in the morning for fruit and other picnic supplies (our market doesn’t have fruit yet).  Farming involved a lot of lounging around, bad attempts at slack lining, field hiking, creek swimmin’, and eating delicious food.

With all that lounging around in the grass, I guess it’s no surprise I came home and found three ticks crawling around in my hair.  I still feel like I have phantom ticks crawling on me.  So freaking gross.  I can deal with ticks on the dog, but not in my hair, thank you very much.

Monday we drove to San Francisco and met my family for a Giant’s game.  No pictures, because I kept waiting for the Giant’s to not suck and that didn’t happen.  Ughhhhhh.  I hate losing.  Then we drove back to Davis with Hanna and studied up for Pub Quiz, which we’ve been rocking lately.  I think we’ve placed every week for the last month or so.  I like winning.  Although the last two weeks we’ve placed fourth, meaning we win “swag.”  Swag happens to be alcoholic beverage shirts, pins, bottle openers, etc.  We really need to either up our game slightly or drop back to the 7-5th place prizes (wine).  Nobody on our team needs another Crown Royal bag (or “tampon bags” as one of our teammates has repurposed them).

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