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Santa Cruz

June 7, 2010

Friday afternoon Paul and I drove down to Santa Cruz to meet some friends for a quick overnight camping trip.  There were six people and four dogs on this trip, which could have been a disaster, but was actually really fun.  Hazel was pretty good, but she definitely wins for most energy (and does not win best behaved).

Thank god for unofficial offleash beaches

We stayed in Henry Cowell State Park and spent Saturday morning making breakfast and hiking there.

In the afternoon we went back into town.  The rest of the crew is going to Vietnam this summer so they went over to the Patagonia outlet in search of quick dry clothing, while Paul and I made our way to the Swift Street Courtyard, which they’ve converted into wine tasting rooms, a brewpub, and some retail since I lived in Santa Cruz.  Paul and I drank wine at Sones Cellars until the rest of the group arrived and we sat down for a beer at the Santa Cruz Brew Pub (which is actually Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Co).  The beer is pretty mediocre, but a sour cherry berlinerweiss was the surprise favorite (and they serve good pickles).  The patio there is also nice and dog friendly.

Picture stolen from Melissa

We ate a late lunch at the beach (actually on the rocks above the beach after we realized the tide was coming in).

Lunch ended with a competitive cherry pit spitting contest.  Chris won for distance and Paul took the accuracy prize.

To kill time and avoid traffic we took a walk around downtown before heading back home.  It’s always bittersweet visiting Santa Cruz.  I love being there, but I really hate leaving and I can’t imagine that I’ll ever be in a financial position to live there again.

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  1. Elise Towers permalink
    June 9, 2010 4:45 pm

    It looks beautiful there.

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