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Summer of Documentaries

June 15, 2010

During some of my “down time” this summer I’ve started watching documentaries.  I’ve always been a big fan of documentary film, but picking random movies off of Netflix Watch Instantly has pulled up some interesting, smaller movies I wouldn’t necessarily have heard of otherwise.

Paul and I started watching the Up Series.  Every seven years since 1964 (when they were seven), the BBC has interviewed the same set of people.  The basic premise is that a person’s fate is essentially determined by their socio-economic class.  While things like gender and mental status seem to muck up the lives of some of the participants, for the most part, they really do seem to be who they are at age seven.  We haven’t finished watching the series yet (and there is a new one due out next year), but they are mostly really interesting.

This next movie isn’t necessarily a smaller film (it screened at Sundance), but it’s fantastic.  The Horse Boy is about a family who goes to Mongolia to learn more about their son’s autism through the use of shamans and horses.  It sounds crazy (even the mom/wife thinks it is for most of the story), but it ends up with some interesting results.  Parts of it are hard to watch, but I highly recommend it.

Every Little Step is a little more fluff, bordering on reality TV, than the last two, but still very entertaining.  It’s the story of the casting of the revival of A Chorus Line on Broadway.  Still, for fans of musical theater (or fans of reality TV drama), it was a fun movie.

Any suggestions for more docu’s for me to add to my queue?

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  1. June 15, 2010 6:43 am

    i love instant netflix! some documentaries i’ve watched recently-ish that i thought were interesting:
    Street Fight
    Hell House
    Word Wars
    Fall from Grace
    Unborn in the USA

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