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Summer fruits

June 21, 2010

Fresh fruit seems to be slowly rolling in this year (something about the unusually cool weather, probably).  Regardless, it is finally showing up in farmers markets.  When I’m trying to come up with things to cook, I often browse through recipes on Tastespotting.  I love the site, but I feel like I always come away craving desserts, pastries, and alcoholic beverages.  Maybe those are the things that photograph well?  Anyway, while I didn’t find any specific recipes to use, photos on Tastespotting did inspire a few things I made this weekend.

lemony, polenta, blueberry muffins

This morning I made muffins using lemons from our yard and frozen (organic) blueberries.  We went to farmer’s market after I made them and they had fresh blueberries there so if anyone is inspired by this, you could probably find fresh blueberries cheap in the store now.

peach apricot margaritas

Before dinner last night I made fresh peach, apricot margaritas.  I was going for straight peach, but only one of the peaches we had was ripe, so I mixed it with an apricot.  I didn’t  follow a recipe for this and there are a few things I would have done differently, but all in all they were yummy.  Basically, I threw the apricot and peach into the food processor with the juice of one lemon and blended until I had a thin puree.  In my shaker I mixed a bit of tequila (a very tiny bit for me since I’m on call), ice, and the puree.  We served them on the rocks.

When I make these again (and I’m sure I will), I would strain the fruit puree.  The tiny bits of peach skin were distracting.  I’m not hugely into sweet drinks, but I think these could have used a tiny bit of sugar.  They probably wouldn’t have needed it if the fruit was riper, but they were sort of borderline and I think it would have helped with the flavor of the mix.

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  1. Mom permalink
    June 21, 2010 5:55 pm

    The muffins look delicious. Make some for camping!

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