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Beach, Football (Soccer), and Camping

June 29, 2010

Over the weekend Paul and I went to Mendocino with my family.  We camped at MacKerricher State Park just north of Fort Bragg.  I’m getting better at camping–I’ve always enjoyed it, but I didn’t used to sleep while camping so I’d end up evil and sleep deprived by the end of the trip.  Maybe it was the wine/beer we consumed, all the sun, or the fact that Hazel is so warm and cozy (sorry Paul, but you just steal covers), but I actually slept well this weekend.

Saturday we went into town to watch the US-Ghana World Cup game.  Disappointing play by the US, but still a good time.  I’ve moved on to rooting for Argentina.

Since we were at the ocean and all, we did spend a fair amount of time at the beach.

My sisters and mom are insanely competitive football players (American football).  I have a giant bruise on my knee to prove it.

On our way home we stopped in Santa Rosa to drink Pliny the Elder from the source.  While were were there I discovered a beer that may tie with Pliny for my top ranking.  This summer I’ve been discovering the deliciousness of sour ales.  Russian River Brewing Co’s Supplication Sour is my favorite so far.  It starts of pretty dang sour and then finishes with a really nice cherry flavor.  Mmmmm.  I wanted to bring a bottle home, but at $12 a bottle we passed.  But we may need to head back to Russian River on another Sunday, where all day is happy hour (and $3.25 pints).

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  1. Tom permalink
    July 1, 2010 2:39 am

    Hi Katie,

    Didn’t know you were a beer fan. I’ll be in Santa Rosa next week so I will certainly stop by RRBC.

    If you’re ever up in Oregon (somewhere Eugene-ish) you must try Ninkasi ( . All their beers are excellent. I think they’re opening a brew pub this summer so that should provide, at least, a solid destination to try everything they have without having to amble all over town.


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