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Inuit baby carriers

October 10, 2010

If you know me in real life, you may be aware that for a person without kids, I’m pretty obsessed with baby carriers.  Part of it is the anthropologist in me–I love learning about how different cultures carry their babies.  And then there is the textile element–there is a ton of craft put into many traditional carriers.  Some of them are really, really beautiful.

Marvelous Kiddo, recently posted about the amauti, a combination jacket and carrier worn by Inuit women.  It’s basically a jacket with a built in pouch on the back that the baby fits into.  Not only are they really beautiful, they look comfortable (though way too hot to be worn in California).  I know there are some mamas-to-be who read this in other parts of the country so perhaps this will be useful to you.

Image Source

They’re pretty pricey, but you can have one custom made by a company in Canada run by Inuit women (they ship internationally).

Image Source

Don’t they look incredibly cozy?

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