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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2010

Philippe, me, Melissa, and Ellie in the late 80s.I do believe that our moms made everything from the witch clothes to the brooms.

We’re heading to Russian River Brewery tomorrow for Melissa’s birthday, some Halloween partying, and the World Series.  At Melissa’s request we are all dressing in costumes inspired by RR beers.  It was mildly complicated, as many of their beers have religious theme names (Consecration, Supplication, etc).  Paul is dressing as a priest.  I think he’s suppose to be “Salvation.”  I’m dressing as their “Parking Violation” beer.  Melissa’s sister had a very revealing cop outfit that I’m making slightly less exciting with leggings and an undershirt (no fun, I know).  We aren’t really dressing-up folk, so this is a real stretch for us.  Birthday girls have ultimate peer-pressure power though.  Especially when you’ve known them since birth.

Same crew...racecar driver, Alice in Wonderland (I'm even holding a white rabbit!), angel, and Dorthy (again, mom-made costumes).


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