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Hello November

November 6, 2010

I spent last week ruining my liver while celebrating a birthday/Halloween, watching the Giant’s win the World Series, and election partying.

The results are still out on the city council race in my district.  Last I heard, Jay is ahead by about 500 votes but they haven’t counted absentee ballots yet.  After hearing that his opponent spent election day going door-to-door with our current city council member, I’m really crossing my fingers that Jay keeps his lead.  Why would the other guy align himself with the woman who has been blatantly rude and dismissive to everyone in the district for the last year or so?  I have no idea, but apparently it’s not paying off.

The last few days have been much more mellow.  I’m feeling the end of the semester drag at school, which is bad since we still have more than a month left.  I went and studied with one of the girls from my class today and I was so, so unmotivated feeling.  We do the reproductive system last, so hopefully that will spark my interest enough that I’ll have a little more energy to put towards school.

Oh!  And some of you may remember that back in August I sat for a board exam to become a lactation consultant.  I found out last Thursday that I passed!  So I’m now officially an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  If anyone has family or friends with breastfeeding problems, send them my way!

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