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US Half Marathon

November 8, 2010

Paul, my dad, and I ran the US Half Marathon this morning.  I track my runs on Daily Mile, and because of this I know that the longest I’ve run in the last year was 6.25 miles back in June.  Since my surgery it’s been more like 3 miles here and there.  I was a little worried.

For those of you not in California, it’s been really, weirdly sunny here for November.  Most of last week was in the 70s and 80s.  So it was kind of hard to believe that rain was predicted for Sunday morning among a sea of sunny days.  But yup, we woke up this morning to pouring rain.  I cannot tell you how hard it was to get out of bed at 6am to cold, wet weather to run.

P, pre-race in his tiny runner shorts

Standing around before the race, in the cold rain, also miserable. But once we actually started running it was mostly okay.  Paul took off since he’s genetically programed to run with or without training, so my dad and I followed our run/walk plan to finish without major injury.  When we were walking, I was a little chilly but other than that the rain was actually kind of nice since it kept me from overheating.

On the GG bridge

And we actually finished!  I mean, I thought we probably could, but my dad basically doesn’t have an ACL in one of his legs (he’s having it replaced next week), and I have a messed up hip that tends to go out when I run without training.  My official time was 2:39:10 (which equals out to 12min miles), but if I cut out the break we took for my dad fix a twisted sock that was making his foot fall asleep and the bathroom, I think I would have been around 2:30 (which was my goal).  Really, I’m just happy that I finished.

I will say that this race was incredibly disorganized.  They ran out of all shirt sizes besides the large, which is ridiculous since we went to the expo fairly early and you pre-order your shirt size.  They gave us some free hats to make up for it, which ended up coming in handy for the rain.  Some of the water stations along the course were running out of cups and my dad saw them reusing them (disgusting).  When I finished the race they were also out of all the finisher’s water bottles (which meant no free post-race beer since you had to have the bottle to get the beer).  I saw many, many people walking around with multiple bottles so that made me a little annoyed.

P didn't get to be in the post race picture because he was already showered and changed by the time we finished.

Regardless of the flaws of the race, it’s a pretty awesome course, you get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge, and the swag was high quality if you were lucky enough to get it.

Every time I run a race I get really excited to run one again so maybe this time I’ll actually stick with it and do another one sometime soon.  Maybe I’ll even train this time.

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