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Backyard Chickens in Sacramento

November 15, 2010


(Reposted from the EAT Sacramento Blog)…

Ok. We’re more than a little irked. Turns out the Sacramento City Council’s Law & Leg Committee just scheduled a meeting for Nov. 16th without informing us until yesterday. So we need your help once again. Please attend the hearing on Nov 16th @ 3pm @ Sac City Hall wearing your CLUCK shirt or stickers (or email us at info(at) to order one).  The message is still clear: chickens are part of our healthy food system in Sacramento City and the Region.

The city authored another report we think missed the mark on a few points:

(1) There will be no net difference in the cost of legalizing chickens. City staff suggest it costs the same amount now and in the future, whether chickens are legal or not. So, in fact, there is no additional cost to the City. Seems odd then that they might propose a fee.

(2) We should allow more than 3 chickens. While we are open to discussions, 3 is a very small number of chickens for the city to limit. Especially as some chickens age, you want to be able to maintain a flock of diverse ages and egg-laying capacity. In the City, by comparison, you can have 7 cats. It seems silly not to allow more chickens. In neighboring Roseville, for example, you can have up to 10 chickens.

(3) Clarify setbacks. Lots in Sacramento are of all shapes and sizes. We need to make sure that any setbacks are appropriate and from “habitations,” rather than from “residences” or “property lines”.

Concrete steps you can take:

* Join us next Tuesday (Nov. 16th) @ 3pm @ Sacramento City Hall. Please consider attending and voicing your support for legalizing chickens in Sacramento.

* Email and call your Sacramento City Councilmembers. Please contact your councilmembers, especially Cohen (Midtown/East Sac), Sheedy (Woodlake/Del Paso), Waters (Pocket), Hammond (Curtis Park/OakPark/West Tahoe Park) as soon as possible and urge their support.

* Gather letters from local organizations, businesses and neighborhoods. The Council should see more letters of support from a diverse set of businesses, organizations and neighborhoods as soon as possible. Please contact us for a sample.


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  1. November 15, 2010 11:23 pm

    Goodluck! I’ll be fighting for you in spirit!
    Thankfully it is still legal in Chicago… we’re hoping to start next spring!

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