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December 5, 2010

This weekend has been great.  I’ve been such a downer lately (at least I feel like I’ve been a downer in my head), so it’s been nice to have good things happen for a few days.  Yesterday morning I helped a friend make her wedding invitations.  Sitting in a group of lovely ladies crafting, drinking mimosas, and eating chocolate bourbon balls (among other tasty treats), was super refreshing.  Another friend picked me up and we met P. for some beer tasting in the name of research (she’s writing a brewery guidebook).  Earlier in the day I’d noticed some emails going around from other nursing school applicants saying they’d found rejection letters in their mailbox so I was sort of dreading going home to pick up the mail.

I also finished my hat.

When we finally got home, P. intercepted my dash towards the mailbox and pulled out the thinnest envelope EVER.  Seriously.  His face totally dropped.  I mean the thing was literally taped shut–it didn’t look like anything besides a rejection.  He finally handed it over, and it turns out I have an interview!  It’s not until the end of January and the pool of applicants is still huge and very very competitive, but at least I made the first cut!  From what I’ve heard they start with 600 applicants, cut it down to 150 for the interviews, and select around 80.  But only 5-9 of those selected are in my specialty.  Crazy, right?

Then we went and met up with friends for buttered rums, bbq, a little football, and board games (Malarkey, played with Balderdash rules).

This morning has consisted of farmers market, coffee, chatting with friends at farmers market, and now studying.  This afternoon we have the party I mentioned in my last post (and was assured by the party host that I can wear whatever I want).  I fully acknowledge that I’m a crazy person and worry way too much about things like this, but I’m now too happy to care what I wear so I’m going to choose to view that as progress.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. hanna permalink
    December 5, 2010 8:46 pm

    Sounds fun! And like you had lots of good food.

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