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My five ornaments

December 11, 2010

Not counting lights or the star, my tree has a total of five ornaments on it…

There are two of these paper dala horse ornaments that I made a few years ago with a paper mold that mysteriously appeared in my house.

My friend gave me this bird.  I’m not really sure it’s even an ornament, but it does have a hanging string so we’re using it as one.

My sister hand-sewed (and embroidered) this snail because she is extremely talented and way more patient than I am.

This was my favorite ornament when I was a kid.  I took it from my parents at some point in college.  They probably didn’t know until now.  I’ve always loved gypsies with striped socks.

And then we have a bunch of these mushrooms.  I’m counting them as one ornament.  We bought them to use at our wedding.

And finally, the star I bought in Mexico many years ago.  I call it the death star because the points are razor sharp (honestly, it’s kind of scary).  I didn’t realize until this year that it would work well as a tree topper, but it actually does.

This post is brought to you by Katie’s active effort to avoid studying…

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  1. Dad permalink
    December 12, 2010 5:36 pm

    If the gypsy is returned promptly, the rightful owners promise they won’t ask any questions or contact the authorities.

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