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Beef stew and apple crisp

December 14, 2010

Last week I made beef stew for dinner.  It’s something I crave often, but almost never eat.  But thanks to my friends at Winterport Farm, I had over a pound of grassfed stew meat in my freezer and I was finally able to indulge my craving.  I followed the recipe for Irish beef stew from Simply Recipes, with the addition of celery (because I had some that needed to be used).

Excuse the terrible picture (my house gets no light in the winter), but it was delicious.  Paul almost made himself sick he ate so much.  And I think it’s only intensified the stew cravings now that we’ve finished up the leftovers.  Winterport Farms is now selling their beef at the Sunday farmers market in Sacramento, so I recommend checking them out if you are a meat eater.

And then, mostly because the picture is better, I’ll leave you with my breakfast yesterday (at 12:30).  Leftover cranberry-apple-ginger crisp made for a Cranium and dessert party we were at on Saturday night.  I don’t claim to know much about cooking, but I love baking crisps.  And I love that they seem like a halfway reasonable breakfast.



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