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Jerry Brown’s Inauguration

January 4, 2011

Paul entered both of us in the lottery to win tickets to Jerry Brown’s inauguration ceremony and we found out yesterday that I’d won.  After a somewhat complicated ticket picking up process (P was stuck on a call and we both had to be there to get the tickets), and a wait in a loooong line, we made our way into the Memorial Auditorium.  It’s a beautiful venue and I totally regret not trying to go to more things here.

Jerry Brown is a funny guy.  He made jokes during both his swearing in and his speech, and generally seemed very casual and charismatic.  After the ceremony, we went over to the people’s inauguration party at the capitol lawn.

Apparently, the people of California like mariachi and hot dogs, because that’s what they were serving up.  I was a little bit bored at this point because P is mister social butterfly and I don’t know anyone at these sorts of things, but I sucked it up and took some pictures and ate my complimentary Sun Chips until Paul had finished off his hot dogs (and mine).

You can read excerpts from Brown’s speech on the Sac Bee website.

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