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Resolution ABCs

January 5, 2011

The last two years instead of writing up normal resolutions I’ve edited a running list of things I would like to do and general ideas about how I’d like to live my life.  You can see my 2009 list here, with my notes about how the year went.  Here’s how I did this year:

My 2010 ABCs in Review

Accept my limits. (I think I’ve done this to some degree.  I’ve been confronted with an insane number of personal limitations this year–most of them physical–and I’ve mostly grown to accept them).
Be brave. (I’m pretty sure having surgery counts. Not much terrifies me more than anesthesia and my insides being cut up).
Create something new.  (Meh.  Not a very creative sort of year).
Dentist. GO. (Yup! Twice even!)
Eat less sugar. (I go back and forth on this, but I’ve got my sweet tooth under much better control now).
Follow a budget. (Ugh. This has been on my list for two years running now. I’ll just say that it’s really hard to budget when there isn’t enough money to make a budget work. That doesn’t really make sense, but that’s sort of how it is).
GRE. Take it. (Done!)
Have people over frequently. (Not so successful at this. Hazel makes it hard).
IBCLC (officially start this process). (Started and finished! I am an IBCLC).
Jog at least twice a week. (I was doing really well for parts of the year and then not so well for long periods of time).
Knit socks. (I give up. I am not a sock knitter. I don’t even like attempting to knit socks).
Library books. Read them. (I vow to walk into a library tomorrow and walk out with books).
Make a new recipe each week. (I’ve pretty much done this, though I wish I’d documented it better)
No computers during dinner. (We were really good about this. Very, very occasionally we’ll watch a movie or something while we eat dinner, but that’s a huge rarity).
Organize my house. (It’s started to feel pretty organized lately).
Practice photography and print the results. (Don’t just keep things digital) (I’m counting this for two reasons: 1) I printed Christmas cards with a photo I took and 2) I took wedding and engagement pictures for two different people who have printed the results of my photo taking).
Quilt. (Nope, though I still hope to this year)
Read a book a month. (School made this almost impossible. See my library vow).
Sleep outside more. (We did go camping several times this year. I’d like to go more, but given our crazy year it was a good start).
Take a class together. (Nope)
Use our bikes more. (Nope, though there are reasons why this was not practical).
Visit the north eastern part of CA. (No)
Walk Hazel almost every day. (While this is mostly my list, I’m going to give this one to Paul. He did run Hazel almost every day this year.)
Xochimilco (eat here, finish eating the alphabet). (Nope)
Yard work. Make the yard more livable. (Yup! Yard is looking good).
Zen. Occasionally be this. (Can I just say one last time how much 2010 sucked? Given the extreme level of how bad it was on so many levels, I think I’ve maintained a relative sense of zen that I’m proud of).

And now my 2011 ABCs

Attempt another half marathon
Brush my teeth and floss twice a day (It’s gross, but I don’t always do this)
Cook a multiple course meal
Dance more
Eat less sugar
Figure out a plan
Go camping
Hydrate (more water)
Interview for nursing school
Join a gym
Kitchen floors (tile?)
Library books. Read them.
Meatless Mondays
New Mexico
Outside more
Quit reading half of my current blogroll (180 down to 90…hopefully making more time to be offline).
Run a race each month.
Spanish (keep learning)
Tuesday talks (See here)
Visit other states
Walk Hazel more often
Xochimilco (eat here, finish eating the alphabet).
Zero food waste

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  1. Morgan permalink
    January 5, 2011 9:14 pm

    You should run a half marathon down here! I’ll run it (like a normal person: slow) with you!

    May 7:

    Nov 12:

  2. January 6, 2011 2:28 am

    Wow, looking at your list of what you completed this year is pretty impressive Katie. Especially given the rough crap the universe threw at you. Be proud of what you accomplished! And as for quitting reading half your blog roll – I made a promise to myself that if I wasn’t reading what someone was writing, I’d unsubscribe to find something I love. I expect people to do the same with my blog! Find room in your life for those things you love and that make you happy, and be wary of those things that don’t (the dentist doesn’t count thou).

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