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Udi’s Gluten Free

January 5, 2011

Last week I received a generous package of gluten-free products from Udi’s Gluten Free Foods.  Breads, bagels, granola, and pizza crust…all things that are normally teeming with gluten.  Those of you who have tried gluten free bread products know that many of them are pretty far from the wheat breads you might be used to eating.  The texture is often gummy and heavy, they don’t brown when toasted, and it seems like there is often a total lack of flavor.  I’ve heard so many great things about Udi’s that I was thrilled to be given the chance to try it.  Since gluten free breads cost a bit more, it’s hard to take the plunge and try new products when you feel like you might be throwing $5 away on a loaf of inedible bread.  Not the case with Udi’s.  I will happily purchase it again.

Since we were on our way out of town when I got my package, I grabbed a loaf of their whole grain bread and a bag of the vanilla granola to take with me.  The rest is in the freezer and I will report back as I pull things out.

I’ve been making my own granola lately and I add a bit of dried fruit to mine, so I have to admit that I was missing fruit in Udi’s granola.  But I’m also sure that with only five ingredients (oats, honey, canola oil, almonds, vanilla), this is a healthier granola than my homemade stuff.  I get a pretty strong vanilla flavor from it, which I really like since I eat plain yogurt.

I also made very good use of their whole grain bread.  This stuff is seriously amazing tasting.  I try not to compare gluten free stuff to products with gluten in them, but I seriously doubt most people would know this isn’t wheat bread.

It toasts up beautifully (I like my toast pretty toasty), but unlike some gluten free products which taste undercooked unless they’ve been toasted, it’s also really good straight out of the bag.  Paul and I made turkey sandwiches on it and it held up to the weight of my weird turkey, homemade sauerkraut, combination pretty well.  They was a tiny bit of crumbling and breaking apart of the bread as I ate, but I think it would have resolved that if I’d toasted the bread even a tiny bit to give it more structure.

Udi’s gets a huge thumbs up from me.  The products I’ve tasted get an A+, the women I communicated with was extremely nice and wrote me note with some great tips on gluten-free friendly places in Sacramento, and while the products aren’t cheap, if you think about how much you’d pay to eat a sandwich on good, normal tasting bread, it’s totally worth the extra cost.

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