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Valentine Run

February 12, 2011

I love love love running races.  Not to win, obviously, but the adrenaline of it. I probably should have run cross country in high school instead of swimming, but then maybe I’d be as burnt out on running as an adult instead of swimming.  Anyway, this morning P and I ran the 2011 Valentine Run for Legal Services.  It was a great run.  First of all, I seem to have broken the running curse where every time I run outside it’s pouring rain.  The race was also one of the better organized runs I’ve done in recent memory with good coffee, good snacks, a well-marked course, and a bit of entertainment.

I’m really bad about taking pictures of us actually at a race because P is not a fan of taking pictures of me or being in photos.  But I do want to point out (in a very dirty mirror self portrait) that I wore my pink uterus shirt since it was a Valentines run.  Valentines = uterus?

I realized after we got there that P was going to run into a bunch of people he knew and might be embarrassed by his uterus wearing wife, but that’s the risk you take being married to a (someday) midwife.

Also!  My time for the race was 34:35.  That’s a 8:38 minute mile and my best time in the last few years.  I guess running regularly is making a difference.

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  1. hanna permalink
    February 12, 2011 8:37 pm

    Good job! I think a pink uterus shirt works well for valentine’s day.

  2. February 13, 2011 1:36 am

    Love the shirt and congrats for FINALLY not having to run in the rain!

  3. Morgan permalink
    February 14, 2011 5:54 pm

    You and your uterus are lookin fit! How do you run so much and not get the carbo-loaded runner’s belly?

    • inoakpark permalink*
      February 15, 2011 6:25 am

      Morgan-I totally have a belly.

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