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Workout Wednesday

March 3, 2011

I was dragging the last week.  No energy, no desire to exercise, and really gross feeling when I did go running…  Needless to say, I didn’t get much in.  I did my Shred DVD a few times and went running twice (bad, bad, bad).

I’m trying to get back on track this week, though I’m still having issues with running and my stomach (Daily Garnish pretty much sums this problem up in her post here…).  We are signed up to do a 7 mile race on Saturday.  With the way my stomach has been behaving, I suspect I’m going to end up walking a portion of the run, which feels like a bummer since I’d been improving my times in the last few we did.  I have the option to drop to a 7k, but I think for the sake of getting a longer run in I’m going to stick with it and walk it if I need to.

That being said, here is the workout plan for the week!


Wed 3/2 – 3 mile run
Thurs 3/3 – 4.5 mile run
Friday 3/4 – Zumba
Saturday 3/5 – Lucky 7 run (7 miles)
Sunday 3/6 – Hike
Monday 3/7- Shred + Weights
Tuesday 3/8 – 4.5 mile run

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