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Workout Wednesday

March 17, 2011

This has been a slightly less sluggish week.  While I wasn’t very good about cross-training, I did manage to get all of my running in. I’m pretty sure my toenail on my right big toe is going to fall off as a result of the increased running and my five year old running shoes. I’m having shoe issues. I really, really like the pair I currently have, but they are literally about five years old and are breaking down like nobody’s business. New Balance doesn’t make this particular shoe anymore and I’m afraid to go to a running store because I feel like they always want to put me in really clunky, supportive shoes because I have a weird gait. In most ways I kind of enjoy running in a broken down shoe because they feel lighter and I feel like I get more contact with the ground (making me think I would actually really like running in Five Fingers). On the other hand, my toenails are suffering and I’m getting what I’m pretty sure is the start of plantar fasciitis.


Wed 3/9 – 3 mile run (done!)
Thurs 3/10 – 4.5 mile run + arms (done!)
Friday 3/11 – Elliptical + abs  (ehhh…Did abs, but no elliptical)
Saturday 3/12 – Rest/Hike?  (lots of yard work!)
Sunday 3/13 – 8 mile run  (done!)
Monday 3/14- Shred + Weights  (Not so much, due to daylight savings sleep deprivation).
Tuesday 3/15 – 5 mile run    (done!)

And for this week…


Wed 3/16 – 3 mile run (did 6 miles due to a new running buddy!)
Thurs 3/17 – 3 mile run + arms  (broke tooth, then felt poopy all afternoon, so nope)
Friday 3/18 – 5 mile run + abs (done!)
Saturday 3/19 – Rest/Hike?
Sunday 3/20 – 6.2 miles/10k
Monday 3/21- Shred + Weights
Tuesday 3/22 – 5 mile run

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  1. Morgan permalink
    March 17, 2011 4:25 pm

    omg GET NEW SHOES. Running on old shoes is how I got a stress fracture in my foot, which led to it breaking completely, which led to six miserable months in a boot. Bring in your old shoes and tell them what you liked about them, and then get new inserts if you don’t like the support.

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