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Farmers’ Market Steak, Asparagus, and Spinach

March 21, 2011

Excuse the funky colored photo, but I since I rarely cook such a “meat and potatoes” type meal, I thought I’d share.  Maybe a month ago, our friends at Winterport Farms (who are getting a lot of play on this blog today!), gifted me a couple of filets from their delicious grass-fed beef.  I bought more beef today, so I figured I should cook up the older stuff before digging into the new meat (which is likely going to turn into meatloaf because I’m apparently craving 1950s food).

I googled asparagus and steak and came up with a recipe from Martha Stewart that looked promising, particularly since I had all the necessary ingredients.  Using her recommended lemon, garlic, and dijon mix, I cooked up both the asparagus and the steak in my trusty cast iron.  We paired it with a spinach salad with avocado and cranberries (the avocado and cranberries being the only major parts of the meal that aren’t from farmers market or our backyard).

Just call me Suzy Homemaker.

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