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Workout Wednesday

March 24, 2011

Anyone else really bummed out by the weather?  P and I are planning a trip to Tucson for early May and I’m beyond happy to see that the average temp in Tucson in May is in the high 80s.

3/16-3/22 Recap

Wed 3/16 – 3 mile run (did 6 miles due to a new running buddy!)
Thurs 3/17 – 3 mile run + arms  (broke tooth, then felt poopy all afternoon, so nope)
Friday 3/18 – 5 mile run + abs (done!)
Saturday 3/19 – Rest/Hike? (I have no idea what we did on Saturday to be perfectly honest…)
Sunday 3/20 – 6.2 miles/10k (Did 5.5 miles in a crazy, freezing downpour).
Monday 3/21- Shred + Weights (Zumba + Abs)
Tuesday 3/22 – 5 mile run (Did my 6.2 miles here instead!)

That’s 23 mile this week!  Not a huge number in the running world, but one that I’m happy with.

3/23- 3/29

Wed 3/23 – Shred (Zumba instead)
Thurs 3/24 – 5 mile run + arms (Done)
Friday 3/25 – 2 mile run + abs
Saturday 3/26 – 3 mile run
Sunday 3/27 – 9 mile run
Monday 3/28- Shred
Tuesday 3/29 – 5 mile run

I am making this garlic soup for dinner tonight.  Yum.

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