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How overwhelmed am I?

April 16, 2011

In the next month I need to:

1) Find an apartment in SF.  Things are looking slightly hopeful on that front.  We are very possibly moving in with another married couple that is moving up from Southern CA for the same nursing program and we’re going to (hopefully) sign a lease on a place next week.

2) Do so so so much work to our current house.  Mostly to the kitchen.  Refinish cupboards, re-grout the counters, put in new flooring, replace current washer/dryer with ones that fit in our laundry room.  Ugh.   Plus $$$$$$.

Artichokes in the front yard! Who wouldn't want to live here?

3) Find someone to live in our house.  Do you want to be this person? Lease would start June 1st.  Let us know.  For real.

4) Sell a bunch of our furniture so we don’t have to move it to SF.  Pack our whole dang house.  Move. Unpack.

5) Convince myself that it’s okay I don’t know Spanish and that they can’t kick me out of the program for my lack of a second language.

6) Get proof of my immunizations from my pain in the arse doctor’s office and get them to UCSF.

7) Some other stuff I’m forgetting because the list above here is making my brain hurt.

Add to it that Paul was gone last weekend and this weekend, and that we’ve basically got something to do every single weekend until June and I’m wondering when this is all going to happen.

So if anyone wonders where I’ve gone to…feel free to show up to our house with booze and/or tools.

One of those artichokes turned into lunch...

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