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Nurses are angels and it’s their week

May 7, 2011

I had to rent a car earlier this week, and on the drive from my house to the rental agency, the driver informed me that he feels *strongly* that nurses are angels.  I think P is hoping that I become more angelic as I make my way through nursing school (something about fallen angel being a closer comparison…).  Anyway, it’s National Nurses Week, and in honor I spent several hours today just trying to sort through the crazy amount of information and stuff to do in preparation for school that’s been sent for me in the last week.  My brain is fried and school hasn’t even started yet!

Thankfully, Paul and I are taking most of next week off to work on getting things together.  We were planning on going to Tucson, but noooo time.  Instead we’re working on our house, packing, and maybe doing some day trips (if we can swing it).  Suggestions for day trips from Sacramento that aren’t going to SF (since we’ll be there soon enough)?  I was thinking wine tasting in Lodi.

The good part about having a made up holiday week, is that there are all sorts of sales at the medical supply stores.  I’m really excited to finally pick up some new Dansko clogs.  I had my current pair over 5 years before they started looking too gross to be worn in public (they’re my garden clogs now).  Other necessary, though less exciting, school items include incredibly flattering khaki scrub pants, forest-ranger green scrub tops, and compression stockings.  

Also, if anyone is wondering what to get me for my upcoming birthday, I think there is a rule that you don’t buy your own stethoscope…

PS-They are on sale right now.

PPS-Amazon Wishlist

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