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Nursing school

June 19, 2011

Tomorrow I start my very first day of nursing school classes.  By Thursday I’ll be doing tiny bits of actual nursing on actual patients on a Neuro/Gyn/Surg floor at a very good hospital in the area.  It’s exciting, but I spent the better part of last week having faculty and past students say things like:

“If you like to talk to your mom, schedule a half hour on Sunday to do so, or it won’t get done.”

“If you normally exercise for an hour three times a week, schedule 20 minutes of excercise and you may be able to get to the gym a few times a week.”

“You have 40 hours of scheduled class and clinicals a week, and three hours of reading and homework per class hour.  There aren’t that many hours in the week, so try not to think about it too hard and just work as much and as fast as you can.”

“This year will be hell, but then you will be done and you will be a nurse.”

“Ten therapy sessions are included in your health care plan.  A lot of MEPN students need therapy.  Use them if you have time.”

P asked me a few days ago if it was okay with me if he went to DC for a few days next month.  I had to laugh because honestly, I’m not sure I’d notice if he moved to DC with the way they are making this schedule sound.*

I tell you this because obviously there will not be much posting around here.  I’ve seen blogs started by other MEPNs have lots of posts leading up to the start of the program, and then you get a post at each quarter break until the end of the year when they write some sort of “I can’t believe I’m still alive” post.

So, those are the new expectations around here.  It’s not you, it’s me.

Random pretty picture I took last week, that makes me wish I was going on a tropical vacation instead.

*P, if you read this, I would totally notice if you moved.  I would also be very very sad.  Who would clean our house and make us dinner for the next year?

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  1. Jess from T St permalink
    June 21, 2011 7:19 pm

    My bf was a lifesaver this last year during school craziness. I suspect P will be a lifesaver for you this next year. Good luck Katie, I know you will be amazing!

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