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Eating for two (part 1)

January 11, 2012

My desire for food has been all over the place since I got pregnant.  During my first trimester I was pretty constantly nauseous (my morning sickness tended to be much more “lunch-bedtime sickness”).  While there wasn’t much that specifically turned me off in terms of food (chocolate and coffee were the two things that immediately tasted horrible to me), there were foods that made me feel ever so slightly less barfy so I tended to eat a lot of those.

Specifically bread with butter, bagels with cream cheese, pizza, and beans and rice with sour cream were my go-to foods.  I also popped sour candies (and citrus fruit) like there was no tomorrow.  As much as P made fun of me (and the name really is horrible), the Preggie Pop Drops were my favorite.  Strangely, pre-pregnancy many of those things would have made me gag (bagels, really cheesy pizza, sour cream).  There was a point early in my first trimester where I was at the cafeteria at UCSF and had a really intense desire for a bagel with lots of cream cheese, but was also pretty certain (based on my pre-pregnancy reaction) that it would make me throw up.  I ended up going with the craving, and it was the best thing I’d eaten in weeks.  So weird.

My first trimester was not without a few horribly gross, scaring moments.  THIS IS GROSS—Those of you who pay attention to my Facebook know I may never eat a hotdog again after having parts of one lodged in my sinuses for days.  I’ve never been so thankful for sinus rinsing technology. –END GROSS TALK.

As soon as I hit my second trimester things mellowed out in the nausea department, but my weird (for me) food cravings have continued.  For example, I used to be super, crazy particular about sandwiches.  P wouldn’t eat sandwiches anywhere with me that I hadn’t been before because the chances were so high that it would gross me out and I wouldn’t be able to finish my meal (and then I’d be a whiny, hungry lady).  Since getting pregnant I’ve eaten and enjoyed sandwiches from all sorts of previously disgusting sources, including grocery stores and the ultimate bad sandwich–Subway.  P is loving this new development and we’ve been taking advantage of it as much as possible.

Today I bought string cheese and it was delicious.  Delicious!  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed eating string cheese since I was eight.

Luckily, I’m also increasingly craving less carb & cheese heavy foods like eggs, salad (a huge turn-off in my first trimester), and fruit–especially mandarin oranges.

It will be interesting to see how things continue to change.  I’m trying to be mindful about eating healthy, but at the same time I have no problem indulging my extreme cravings (the other day I needed buffalo wings, so buffalo wings it was).


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  1. Bernadette permalink
    January 11, 2012 5:50 pm

    OMG, yes, I hated chocolate in my first trimester. Unfortunately, my lunchtime-bedtimesickness is still here sometimes… although I’m already in week 17 *sigh*

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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