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23 weeks

February 8, 2012

For the enjoyment of my mom (who told me over the weekend that if she didn’t know me she’d ask me if I was due next month), here’s my 23 week picture…

I’ll admit that there were pictures in this bunch where I look less pregnant (again, sucking it in vs going for the fully belly effect).  But considering that I’ve gained fifteen pounds since this whole baby thing started, I’m going to credit as much of that as possible to my belly.  Also, just in case anyone else is as shocked/horrified as me by that number, apparently that’s a totally normal number of pounds to have gained at this point in pregnancy, based on my starting weight.  Growing a baby is alternately wonderful and really scary for my body image/self-esteem.  Eek.

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  1. February 8, 2012 11:39 am

    were you ever there for the conversations I’d have with Jen and Claudia about it being so hard to accept my changing body? It *IS* freakin’ hard, no matter what weight you start from.

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