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24 weeks

February 14, 2012

I’m not going to lie, this week was a little rough on the pregnancy emotions front.  I’m was smack in the middle of my 11 week quarter from hell, and I’m already over it.  Like really, really over it.  I feel totally exhausted, but at the same time can’t sleep.  I have bad, dead baby dreams when I do sleep (apparently a common thing…is that really necessary pregnant brain?!?).  After months of back and forth, we found on on Thursday that P was cleared to go to Kauai over my spring break, but then we went to book tickets on Saturday morning and realized flights were almost entirely booked up, and it was absolute meltdown time.  After sobbing hysterically for about an hour (no sugar coating it), P finally got me out of bed, to farmers market, and got food in me so I’d chill the f out.  I’m not going to say I was all smiles after that, but there is a reason I’m married to P–he’s about as good as it gets in pulling me out of my funks.

I have an appointment with Kasier this morning to get my 2nd trimester labs orders (including the dreaded gestational diabetes screen), so wish me luck!  My Kaiser appointments (even with my NP) are always somewhat eventful since they seem to actively discourage question asking and other annoying patient behavior!

I’ll leave you with my downward belly view, which isn’t really weirdly lopsided, although my linea negra above my belly button is not centered and makes it appear so.


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