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Living in Oakland

February 26, 2012

I’m feeling particularly amorous about Oakland right now.  Yesterday morning (after I woke up at the ungodly weekend hour of 7 am), and made us breakfast, we went to the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market, walked around the lake a bit, and checked out the Oakland Spice Shop so I could buy bay leaves that I need to make tonight’s dinner.

I was skeptical about the spice shop, but I have to admit I’m a little obsessed and we ended up leaving with a jar of harissa on top of the bay leaves we went in for.  And all things considered, it’s actually not that expensive.

It’s been incredibly sunny and warm the last few days, and the tree in our backyard (apparently plum, though I’m thinking probably not edible plum), is blooming in full force.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a nice hike in Redwood Regional Park with friends, and then went to dinner at Boot & Shoe Service, which I’m officially in love with since they make their own tonic water that tastes like it could maybe, almost be an alcoholic beverage (but is, indeed, just really good tonic water).

And finally, since it was sunny enough to take a few pictures, and not quite as messy as it can sometimes be, a tour of our house.  I realized we’ve lived here for three months now and we had yet to post pictures!

First, here’s the living room, looking towards to bedroom, with the front door on the right.

And the living room, looking towards the bathroom (and fireplace).

The bedroom from the living room entry.  Pretty soon things are going to need to be shifted around in here to make room for the crib and other baby things.  Also, we really, really need a bed frame.  We bought a new mattress a few months ago and it doesn’t have a boxspring so we can’t use our old frame (which I wasn’t in love with anyway).  The mattress is currently sitting on top of our futon frame, which means the futon is sitting on the floor.

And the bedroom looking towards the living room (and P’s closet).

My closet is through the door on the right and is massive and wonderful.  Here’s Hatch’s corner of my closet, since my part is way too messy for public viewing.

Through our bedroom is the sunroom, aka our hoarder room.  It’s pretty useless right now, as our old bedframe is sitting in there along with the futon mattress.  Occasionally I shove everything to the side and use it to do my prenatal workout DVD’s in private without P watching and mocking me.

It also has two large, wonderful built-in bookcases (there is another behind the door going to our bedroom).

And speaking of storage, we also have a large laundry room through the bathroom (you can’t see it but it goes back pretty far behind the door on the left and has shelving).

Through the living room we have our kitchen/dining room.

And then off of the dining area is a large pantry that we don’t really use since our kitchen has plenty of storage space.  It’s just barely big enough for a twin size mattress, though not the frame my parents were going to give us (which is whole half-inch too long).  Our plan is to stick a bed in there for moms (and others) to use when they come visit the baby.

That’s about it!  It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but it’s sort of an odd set up (particularly there not being a door between our bedroom and living room), but we love how much space we have and it’s a nice neighborhood, we have a backyard, etc, etc.

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  1. February 26, 2012 8:14 pm

    I love the area around Lake Merritt, if I had to live in the bay area, that would be my #1 choice!

    I’m always a sucker for the Ikea bedframes, especially since you can just use their slats instead of having to buy a boxspring.

    • inoakpark permalink*
      February 28, 2012 7:54 am

      I’ve heard the Ikea bedframes can be sort of squeaky. Have you found that to be a problem?

  2. meli permalink
    March 3, 2012 10:22 am

    your house is looking so cute! Can I come visit next sunday?

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