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Living in Oakland (Part 2)

March 5, 2012

This weekend was beautiful in Oakland.  Saturday morning started with a quick trip to the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market.  Then we had friends over for brunch in our sunny backyard and after breakfast walked a pretty trail, only a few blocks away from our house.  The afternoon was spent being lazy, working on homework, and eating frozen yogurt for dinner while walking around Piedmont.

Sunday we decided to check out Jack London Square so we headed down that way, picked up coffee and hot chocolate from Blue Bottle, and walked around their farmer’s market.  We ended up getting really delicious tacos from one of the food vendors there and eating by the marina, before making a quick Miette stop on our way home.  I mentioned to P at one point that I could maybe, just maybe, see living in the east bay more permanently.

Sunday afternoon we bought a few plants for our backyard, made hamburgers for dinner, and generally pretended it was already summer (and not technically still winter).  It was just SO nice outside.

And then I wake up at 5:30 am this morning, freaking the hell out because our house feels like it’s going to fall over and I remember why my time in the bay area is limited.

There are not enough cupcakes in the world to make living on the Hayward Fault seem like a good, permanent option…

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