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29 weeks

March 20, 2012

Sorry for all the skipped weeks around here.  It occurred to me last week that I should post something significant about rounding the corner into my third trimester, and then I realized it was actually really scary to think that I’m only a few months away from having an actual, real, live baby and I had absolutely no idea what to write.

The only thing new and different pregnancy wise that’s happened in the last few weeks is that we started our prenatal classes taught by a local home birth midwifery apprentice.  It’s just us and another couple, which is mellow and will hopefully make P feel more prepared for the birth.  I was really indifferent about taking a class at all, but he wants tools for the birth, so class it is.  This is also a reminder to P that he’s supposed to practice those massage techniques he learned last week.

The thing about me only posting every few weeks is that when I do post pictures, I look like I’ve become massive overnight.  For some reason in this picture I look particularly huge (much bigger than real life, or at least the real life I’ve invented in my head).

We’re leaving for Hawaii for a week on Sunday so I’ll try to get in a post while I’m there, but no guarantees!


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  1. hanna permalink
    March 21, 2012 8:54 am

    You look so cute!!

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