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Hatch’s first month

August 3, 2012

In the spirit of catching this blog up with my life, this post is going to be a photo dump of Hatch’s first month.  I know most of you are reading this off of Facebook, and have already seen most of these pictures, but for those of you who are blog-only readers, get ready for a whole lot of adorable baby.

These pictures were taken right after we got home from the hospital, when Hatch was two days old.  In the bottom one you can still kind of see the marks on his face from all of the stickies that were holding the NICU tubing to his face.  That night was really rough because my milk hadn’t come in yet, he was a hungry boy, and I had to go to school the next day.  I will spare you the pictures from day three, but there is nothing pretty about taking a four day old infant to school when you’ve had 12 hours of sleep in the last six days.  Also, my milk literally came in while I was in class (my midwifey friends got the pleasure of feeling up my super engorged self). If you ever happen to be in the position where you are teaching a new mom, cut her a break and don’t threaten to fail her if she doesn’t show up for the final class.

So this isn’t really a cute baby picture, but to get me into further trouble with my midwife (who would have liked me to stay in bed for a few weeks), when he was a week old we went to my graduation ceremony from nursing school.  You can barely see this in the picture, but I wore him on stage during the ceremony and they pinned my sling.  Also, I curled my hair in this picture.  That never, ever happens, but if I’m going to go out in front of a large crowd one week after giving birth and having hemorrhaged and am now anemic and look like death, I’m going to curl my damn hair.  I will say that after the ceremony, I bolted.  Large crowds plus a newborn baby is really overwhelming.  You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but you’ll see in a few pictures that I didn’t…

He’s a little over a week old here.  Adorable, right?

More of the same.  But since his really amazing hair is covered up here, you can focus on how cute his cheeks are.  He’s actually exactly two weeks old in this picture.

Hatch with P, just over two weeks old.  His face was puffy for a few weeks after he was born.  As soon as it stopped looking so puffy, I feel like he suddenly looked sooo old.  I think that’s about the point I started telling P I wanted to have ten kids so I could do the newborn thing again.  It’s probably a blessing that we’re totally infertile (besides random fluke babies).

Remember how I said going into a crowd with a newborn is very overwhelming?  Well instead of going with that and staying inside like a good postpartum mama, we went to a baseball game with our two and a half week old.  My camera decided to die when we were at the game so I don’t have any pictures, but here he is in his “I’m a Giant’s baby” onesie.  The game was a battle of the bay (Giants vs A’s) and while the Giant’s were ahead the entire game, the A’s came back and won in the 9th inning, right after Hatch and I called it and left a bit early to avoid sitting in post-game traffic.  I can’t decide if that means he was a good luck charm for the Giants or if my Oakland-born son might be a traitor.

Hatch is three weeks old here.  He’s wearing a way too big outfit for the picture because I saw something like it on Pinterest, and when you are up all night nursing and only have one hand free to surf the internet on your phone, there are a lot of things on Pinterest that seem like an excellent idea.

Cute cloth diaper butt above, thumb-sucking and a very milk-drunk baby, below.

And finally, here he is one his one-month birthday.  While he was pretty mellow in the first few weeks, as he got closer to a month he seemed to suddenly realize he could move his arms and legs.  He’s now a huge wiggler so you’ll notice when I post the second month of pictures there are a lot more with blurred hands and feet.


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  1. Hanna permalink
    August 3, 2012 4:38 pm

    ahh he is so cute! and you look so pretty at your graduation!

  2. inoakpark permalink*
    August 3, 2012 5:18 pm

    Hanna-cute like I should actually put minimal effort into looking cute more often?

  3. August 6, 2012 1:32 am

    Oh my! Such a cute baby! And the hair is awesome! Congratulations!

  4. August 6, 2012 1:41 pm

    hi, so first i found you through your wedding blog, and now just found this one. just wanted to let ya know that youre going to have a new regular reader 🙂 I myself am planning a backyard wedding for next year ( diy and small budget) and I am in love with the fact that your a lactation specialist ( is that still true?) anyhoot ill be around commenting and maybe sorta cyber stalking your blog ( and your old wedding one) because I simply love them!!
    ~ Eva

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